Using Google Analytics to develop a greater Mobile Experience

77 percent of mobile searches are occurring in the home or at work even if a PC is nearby (Search Engine Land)

“Of mobile searches, 40 percent occur on tablets and 60 percent on smartphones (Icebreaker Consulting)”

There is an overwhelming amount of statistics that point to a sharp increase in mobile web usage. However when do you need to make your website mobile optimised or responsive? Do you really need to hire a design team to update an old website?

Using Google Analytics one can gauge what % of visitors are using a mobile phone and even the type of mobile phone they are using to view your website.

Link up your website to Google Analytics using the help guide here. Then place the code snippet with the Tracking ID into your files or you can use a Google Analytics plugin for WordPress that will automatically link to your google account.

Analysing mobile visits to your website

Here we will examine the reporting sections that relate to mobile usage for our health products niche website


The view the report of mobile, tablet and desktop breakdown. Select “Audience” -> “Mobile” -> “Overview” where we can view a pie-chart with a percentage breakdown of the devices used to visit the website.

analytics mobile overview


This report at “Audience” -> “Mobile” -> “Devices” with drill down to the specific mobile devices that visitors are using to access the website. Looking at this report is rather useful, we can pinpoint whether one device is experiencing a usability problem by inspecting its bounce rate. A higher bounce rate means the quicker they have left the website without navigating another further. This is probably due to problem viewing the website with that device if all other devices have a lower bounce rate.


In the above case the webmaster of the website is the one using the Nexus 5. Every other device except for the Samsung Galaxy S3 has a 100% bounce rate. One could quickly draw the conclusion that this website delivers a painful experience on mobile. Maybe a mobile optimised site is in order for this website. However depending on the landing page the visitor has reached they could be clicking the buy product button that takes them to the affiliate link. Therefore it is a good idea to set up “Goals” in the “Conversions” section of Google Analytics as well.

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