Top 10 Great Features Hidden on Your Mac

1. Insert an Apple icon

Insert an Apple icon on any Mac by holding “Option + Shift + K”.

2. Use the mouse to take a trimmed screenshot

Take a trimmed screenshot on your Mac

3. Get the Hidden icon in plain sight

When you save Word, Excel or PowerPoint document, etc. A small icon will appear at the top of the toolbar by dragging this file icon you can move it wherever you like, just like a normal file icon.

4. Invert the colors on the screen of your Mac

If you are running Mac OSX Lion or earlier then you can invert/revert the colours on your Mac by holding down “Apple key ⌘ + Option + Control + 8”

5. Hide the dock on your Mac

You can hide your dock at any time by pressing “Apple key ⌘ + Option + D” will hide or reveal your dock.

6. Group your files into one folder

Simply select/highlight a bunch of files that you would like to group together, right click and select “New Folder With Selection”. Easily placing your files into a folder at the one go.

7. Quick tab management

Can get rid of running appications quickly by holding the Command/Apple key ⌘ and pressing the tab key to cycle through the programs. Tap “Q” to quit the application or “H” to minimise the window.

8. Never tab past an online form’s box again

When entering information into a online websites, when you tab through the input boxes, the dropdown menus such as “month” or “year” selections are often missed. You can force your Mac to tab through these items just like any other text box. Open System Preferences -> Keyboard and then set “Full Keyboard Access” to “All Controls”.

9. Using Spotlight search as a calculator

Pressing “Apple key ⌘ + Spacebar” the Apple Spotlight search is activated that allows you to search for documents and files. However Spotlight also does basic maths just by typing it into the search bar. On OS X Yosemite Spotlight will even open applications and search the web for you and collate tidy summaries from Wiki articles.

10. Experience Expose in slow-mo

The app selection tool Expose can be adapted to work in slow motion. By holding “Shift” while you press the expose key (usually F9, F10, F11)

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