Why do i see the same ads on every website?

What is Ad Remarketing?

It is happening to all of us, you go from webpage to another and see the same banner ad for the site we visited hours earlier.

Almost like the ads are following us where ever we go. The answer is ad remarketing that is a tool used by web advertisers to lure customers back to their websites

How does remarketing work?

Remarketing helps website owners to reach people who have previously visited their website. It is even possible to show visitors tailored ads depending on what pages of the website they visited. Ads can appear as you browse other sites within the Google Display Network or even as you search for terms related to these products in Google.

In order to setup remarketing the website owner will add a remarketing tag that is a small snippet of code from Adwords, across all the pages of their site. This code places an anonymous cookie on the users device that then allows the advertiser to track the visitors browsing habits and even discover the best time to display ads to these potential customers.

For example a person looking for the latest smartwatch would unlikely purchase the watch on their first visit to a electronics website. They may be googling around for the best price or delivery terms. Later on when the customer is still browsing for that smartwatch the company could place an ad that is designed to remind the customer of its site, even highlighting a new sale that is taking place. The customer can then click this banner ad and return to that site much likely to make the purchase.

How do I stop seeing the same ads?

You will still be seeing ads on websites that run banner ads however they will not be remarketing ads about previous websites you have visited.

If you decide to turn off Google’s remarketing ads it can be done by opting out of this feature at https://www.google.com/settings/ads/onweb/. Choose the “Opt out of interest-based Google ads across the web” option.

However for this work you must be using a web browser where you are logged in with your google account. Opting out will turn off all remarketing and also retargeting ads (topic for a later blog post).

If you ever decide to turn on remarketing ads again then you will start with a clean slate as all your history and previous cookies will be deleted.

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  • Thank you very much for a clear explanation and easy fix. There are many pages who would sell you their adware software rather than give the real explanation. Worked for me.

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