Google Domains: Invite only service to register domain names

Google has announced the invite only launch of their domain-name registration service. This will be the first time that Google has ever offered domain name registration in the form of Google Domains.

Google used to offer domain name buying services via 3rd parties like ENOM and Godaddy. Google Domains was quietly launched on Monday the 24th of June 2014 as an invite-only beta service with a array of additional tools and management functionality.

Now as Google enters the market as a domain registrar, users will be able to purchase a domain from them directly. As announced by Google+ Your Business on Google plus, Google Domains is stil at a testing phase and a fully functional Google Domains service will be launched in the near future.

Google Domains isn’t fully-featured yet, but we’re giving a small group of people the ability to buy and transfer domains through it and send feedback on their experience. (You currently need an invitation code to do so, sorry!) We want input on all the ways we can help make finding, buying, transferring and managing a domain a simple and transparent experience. We also want to make sure our customer support and infrastructure works flawlessly, and that we have the right additional services (like mobile website creation tools and hosting services from a range of providers, as well as domain management support).”

Google’s move into domain name registration seems to be natural progression as it will be significantly easier for Google Apps users who had to purchase their domains elsewhere and run through a process to link up their Google Apps to their domain name. As such, with Google Domains: “Every domain includes easy forwarding, branded email (, simple management tools and other helpful features,” the Google Domains website explains.

Google also claims to offer templates with drag and drop tools for building websites via partners including Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly and Wix.

google domains features

Some of the notable features of Google Domains:

– Free private name registration. Keeping your name, address and contact information private.
– Branded domain emails ( You can create up to 100 email aliases, accessing your email through Google Apps.
– Forwarding of domains. For eg. can forward to
– Ability to add up to 100 subdomains. Eg.
– Purchase new TLD’s (Top Level Domains) such as .rentals, .club, .reviews, .photography and .guru, which has proven popular. Google is listed by ICANN as an accredited registrar for some top-level domain names such as .biz, .com, .info, .name, .net, .org and .pro.

Source: Google Domains

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